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Adorning Oaks

Welcome Wooden Cutout for Entryway, Handmade in USA, Farmhouse Style Home Decor

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This “welcome” cutout is the perfect addition to your entryway! This item is made out of birch wood and painted in either matte black or matte white.

I recommend hanging on straight nails. Recommended placement: in the top inside loop of the W, top inside of the O, as well as the first hump of the M, and inside the E. You can see some of the nails in the last picture for reference. The smaller the nail head the better, as it will help make it less visible.

Pro-tip: if your "welcome" is black, you can use a black sharpie to color the end of the nail to help hide it.

Width: 41" inches
Height: 14" inches


Material Thickness-

Acrylics: .08-.09 "

Wooden Guestbook Letter: .75"

Wooden Cutouts: .5"

Care information


Acrylic can scratch, so please handle with care + keep inside original packaging until you are ready to display.

I clean signs before shipping, but they like to attract fuzzies. You may need to re-clean with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

If you do not order a frame, the protective cover may be left on the back. Please remove before displaying.


Please carry/transport cutouts in a flat position. Bending or twisting can cause stress on the item and could cause it to break.