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Adorning Oaks came to life in late 2016. Haley and Adam got married in October and planned a fabulous fall celebration with custom signs, live edge tables, inlaid bar, wedding favors, and directional signs. Haley's love of detail and Adam's creative mind shined through to create a truly ONE OF A KIND day. 

It was just a hobby that turned into much more. With EIGHT friends getting married in the summer & fall of 2017, Haley and Adam were quite busy helping their wedding dreams come true, too!

Sprinkled in between the weddings, were baby showers and birthday parties to celebrate the little ones in their lives. It was apparent Haley that every life event should be UNIQUE, memorable, and beautiful. So, Haley started "Adorning Oaks." 

     (Behind The Brand: According to Google, "to adorn" is to "make more beautiful or attractive"... which is what Adorning Oaks strives to do for every sign, in every detail, and for every customer! Also, the majority of Adorning Oaks' first signs were made of wood, hence the word "Oaks")


In the early Spring of 2018, Adam and Haley purchased an old "fixer-upper" cinderblock building on the Southside of Carmel in an area known as Home Place.  The building was built in 1914 and needed a lot of love... or as Adam would say "it had a lot of potential." With help from a local business, CustomLiving, they remodeled the space. Around a year later, at the start of 2019, Adorning Oaks moved in! The building is near the intersection of 106th Street and College Ave and is where Haley now does all the finishing work on signs and ships out online orders. Haley had 1 successful Open House in late 2019, and has plans to welcome the public more in 2020!  


Whether you need an inspirational sign for your entry way, a large board to display at your daughter's 1st birthday party, or a sign to show wedding guests where the bar is at.... Adorning Oaks is here for you!