Adorning Oaks came to life in October of 2016. Owners, Haley and Adam, got married with a fabulous fall celebration showcasing Haley's handmade signs.

It was just a hobby that turned into much more. With EIGHT friends getting married in the summer & fall of 2017, Haley and Adam were quite busy helping their wedding dreams come true, too!

Sprinkled in between the weddings, were baby showers and birthday parties to celebrate the little ones in our lives. Each of these events had Haley's signs.

Whether you want a welcome sign for your wedding, a sign for your baby's nursery, or a large wooden cut out for your entry way.... We are here for you!


✨  We craft everything by hand in Central Indiana. We are proud to be MADE IN USA.

✨  Haley is the artist/creator and Adam is the handyman/visionary.

✨  Adam and Haley welcomed a sweet baby boy into the world in February of 2020!  He gives us a whole new reason to work hard!