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Adorning Oaks

Name Cutout, Cut out of Birch Wood and Painted, Perfect for a New Last Name for Wedding or New Baby Nursery

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These cutout words are perfect to decorate a little one's nursery -or- to hang at your wedding!

The colors available are gold, silver, white or black. Customized colors are available, but please message me first.

These are cut out of 1/2" thick birch wood. They will be bolded some to ensure durability. All dots (on the tops of i's, bottom of !, or apostrophes) will be attached to the nearest letter - to sellers discretion.

If you want a proof before production, please request one at checkout and provide alternative contact information (email or text) to where I should send the proof. Failure to respond right away could delay production and impact the turnaround time on your order. Seller is not responsible for delays or late shipments if waiting on a final decision from the buyer. Thanks for understanding!

You can choose from the options listed. If you want a different font, please message me first. Sky is the limit! Price may vary.

“TheBergmans” (46”) and “TheMillers” (26”) is in Mellony

1/2" thick

Width (from left to right):
-Small: 26" W Max, 20" H Max
-Large: 46" W Max, 14" H Max

Height/Width - Depending on the number of letters in your last name, I will max out whichever dimension comes first. For example, The Bergmans is 46" wide and around 12" tall, so the width was maxed out, but I will not distort it to max out the height dimension. 


Material Thickness-

Acrylics: .08-.09 "

Wooden Guestbook Letter: .75"

Wooden Cutouts: .5"

Care information


Acrylic can scratch, so please handle with care + keep inside original packaging until you are ready to display.

I clean signs before shipping, but they like to attract fuzzies. You may need to re-clean with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

If you do not order a frame, the protective cover may be left on the back. Please remove before displaying.


Please carry/transport cutouts in a flat position. Bending or twisting can cause stress on the item and could cause it to break.