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Adorning Oaks

10 Ways to Love, Biblical Sign

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Ten ways to love from the One who first taught us to love. 

Listen without interrupting - Proverbs 18; Speak without accusing - James 1:19; Give without sparing - Proverbs 21:26; Pray without ceasing - Colossians 1:9; Answer without arguing - Proverbs 17:1; Share without pretending - Ephesians 4:15; Enjoy without complaint - Philippians 2:14; Trust without wavering - Corinthians 13:7; Forgive without punishing - Colossians 3:13; Promise without forgetting - Proverbs 13:12

Size: 14.5” wide, 20.5” tall


Material Thickness-

Acrylics: .08-.09 "

Wooden Guestbook Letter: .75"

Wooden Cutouts: .5"

Care information


Acrylic can scratch, so please handle with care + keep inside original packaging until you are ready to display.

I clean signs before shipping, but they like to attract fuzzies. You may need to re-clean with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

If you do not order a frame, the protective cover may be left on the back. Please remove before displaying.


Please carry/transport cutouts in a flat position. Bending or twisting can cause stress on the item and could cause it to break.