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Handpainted Baby Milestone Chalkboard - Milestones Chalkboard, Custom Chalkboard Sign, Baby Milestones, Milestone Board

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This sign is a perfect prop for your baby's monthly milestone photos!


The board is a solid black chalkboard, with a light wooden trim*, and hand-painted white detail. The baby's name, titles, and circles/lines are painted to be permanent. The remainder of the detail (# of months, fun facts, and other stats) will be filled in on a monthly basis (or whenever you decide!) with chalk.

*Keira's sign had a custom white frame.


Please include baby's first and middle name.


You can use any standard chalk or chalk marker with this sign. However, if you decide to use chalk marker, it is recommended to erase it with water and a paper towel immediately after you've taken your update photos! If you leave the chalk marker on for longer, it may not come off quite as easily.


H: 23 inches
W: 17 inches

Please note: Since this is handpainted and made to order, each sign will vary some and orders are final.


Material Thickness-

Acrylics: .08-.09 "

Wooden Guestbook Letter: .75"

Wooden Cutouts: .5"

Care information


Acrylic can scratch, so please handle with care + keep inside original packaging until you are ready to display.

I clean signs before shipping, but they like to attract fuzzies. You may need to re-clean with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

If you do not order a frame, the protective cover may be left on the back. Please remove before displaying.


Please carry/transport cutouts in a flat position. Bending or twisting can cause stress on the item and could cause it to break.